Faster product evaluation for new customers


Besedo / Implio

My Role

UX Design, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Usability Testing, Visual Design

Implio project cover image


How might we speed up product evaluation for new customers and reduce workload for developers?

Implio is a service that provides companies with a toolbox for moderating user generated content with smart filters and machine learning algorithms.

From talking to the sales team we discovered that they lost a lot of potential customers because they could not showcase the full capabilities of the tool before customers made a decision to commit to a database integration.

User problem

To test products functionality with their own data, customers needed to go through a 2 week long database integration process, that involved efforts from development teams on both sides.

Business problem

Sales team missed out on a lot of potential deals because they could not fully showcase product capabilities using customers data.


Understanding the requirements

After the initial brainstorming workshop with design, sales and development teams, I learned that it was possible to import data in CSV format. The team has discussed the basic requirements and set the structure for the core feature:

Implio CSV import steps


What can we learn from existing solutions?

I ran heuristic analysis and quick usability testing sessions on existing solutions for importing and mapping CSV files in order to gain insights for the solution. One of the common uses for CSV import was importing contact lists. I ended up testing solutions from Mail Chimp and Intercom.

  • MailChimp screenshot

    MailChimps contacts import tool for email campaigns

  • Intercom screenshot

    Intercoms contacts import tool

Designing Solution

Is it clear enough?

One of the main challenges in this project was making sure that users understood the data mapping process and didn't make any mistakes. Majority of the users will use this tool only once before committing and signing up for a plan, so it was really important to make the design as clear and understandable as possible. After a few rounds of usability testing and iterating our prototypes we were happy to begin the development.

The new solution became the first interaction future customers had with the product and they judged the product based on this first impression.

  • Implio wireframes
  • Implio wireframes
  • Implio wireframes
  • Implio wireframes


What did we learn?

Using existing solutions as prototypes for our design and testing them early in the process allowed us to avoid a lot of critical issues and focus our efforts on fine tuning the design for our specific needs.

While working on the design I maintained communication with developers making sure the solution was feasible. In a few cases going back to business requirements allowed us find creative workarounds for technical limitations.