Booking & staff management app for beauty salons



My Role

UX Design, Information Architecture, Interaction Design, Prototyping, Visual Design

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How might we simplify sharing of bookings, schedules and customer information within a salon?

Bookbook approached me with the goal of creating an easy to use beauty salon management system, that would be flexible enough to fit any salon no matter what their size and competence is. With the goal to completely replace currently used systems, the app also needed to cover staff and client database management.

BookBook app screens


Closing the knowledge gap

We started the project with a workshop with the client in order to gather business requirements. Right from the start I realised that there was a lot for me to learn due to complexity of the project and multiple knowledge gaps. As a consultant I needed to dive deep into a new topic to better understand the specifics of the industry, different salon types and relationships between staff roles within a salon. By working closely with the client and experts from the beauty industry I collected insights about current users, competing solutions in the industry, worked out the information architecture and ran concept brainstorming sessions.

Following the concept stage I turned rough ideas into wireframes and prototypes, which were later used to test the solution with users and as a base for visual design.

BookBook app screens


What did we learn?

We were lucky to have experts from beauty salon industry as a part of the team. They proved to be an extremely inportant sourse of knowledge about various salon types, their workflows and day to day needs. The most challenging part was to design a smooth experience for the majority of the users while also keeping im mind all the edge cases.